TOP-10 steps to make your application better

Have you ever thought about the quality of your 'masterpiece'? It is an actual question because most programs have several bugs which make negative influence on its popularity. When people meet any kind of troubles they prefer to leave this application and find another one. And they are totally right because there plenty of alternatives in online stores. In this case the developer must pay much attention to the quality of his software and do his best to improve it.

The ASO or App Store Optimization is the way you can use to make it happen. It is a method which allows you correcting your application according to generally received ranking criteria. Try to follow all recommendations and your program will appear on the first pages in search results.

Here is the list of excellent advices which will make your software better. Some of them are connected with famous SEO tactics, some of them not. But the thing is they really work together. You will improve your marketing strategy and create really cool thing for people. Each of these 10 tools are checked by numerous users.

In response to your software will be more attractive for users. Is it what you aspire the most? Then put a notes and hurry up to use these tips.

1. Find out who your target audience and rivals are

If you don't know whom to sell then here are bad news for you: no one will buy your product. Yes, smart sales may happens, but don't expect for more. The same is with competitors. If you have good ones, their experience may help you to promote own software. Besides, without well-formed strategy of behavior with rivals you will definitely lose the game.

So think about the following questions:

  • Which language is most used among your customers?
  • What do they think about this application?
  • Why they decided to use such kind of software?
  • What are the main reasons they choose exact your app?
  • What are the most useful options of it?
  • What are the main advantages of this app?
  • Do it has bad sides?
  • What are the most frequent keywords to find this software?
  • What type of keywords are the most profitable?
  • What other keywords you may add to the app description?

There are lots of questions, you may think. It's true, but the answers are very valuable. And here is the main reason. People who choose your product want to be satisfied. And to make it happen you need to put your customers’ shoes. Find everything about him: age, sex, level of education, etc. Such valuable data will help you to get acquainted with your potential customers.

After this it's time to improve your keywords. You need to clear it up that these phrases are indexed by search engines and range all pages in search results. Using proper keywords you will attract much more traffic than you may think.

That’s why you need to detect which keywords bring you more traffic according to their natural language. Also you can examine the key phrases your rivals use. After this you can decide is it useful to adopt their experience or not.

2. Think about the best title for your software

The next stage is to create attractive brand. It means you need a fresh, nice, and pleasant name. But this is not so simple you may think. Such process requires several rules to be kept.

First of all you need to add to title as more characters as you like, but don’t overshoot the maximum length (255 symbols). Also you should record that after 23 symbols with spaces in App

Store and 30 symbols in Google Play the title will be cut. Also make sure that the name of your software will be depicted well on mobile devices. Most smartphones screens can display 11-14 characters.

It’s important: don’t forget to include relevant keyword to the name of your application. It will also increase its popularity in users’ searches. But don’t be tempted to use all keywords in your head. Remember that title is meant to be read by people, but not bots or search engines.

So your title must be short and attractive. You can make a little longer name, but the main words must be situated in the beginning of the title.

Besides title, you can create forceful motto. Popular companies always use slogans to make their brand more powerful. All SEO specialists also recommend using only friendly symbols in SEO meaning. In a result other resources will refer to your application.

3. Gather and use so many keywords it is possible

SEO strategy still works so you need to keep it. There are different ways to collect keys. You can use special tools or make it instinctively. But both App Store and Google Play have different methods in keywords App Store Optimization.

The App Store proposes to type 100 characters in the keywords field. It is quite enough to write 20 proper words. Yes, sometimes such length is really not enough, but you have to meet all requirements.

Google Play proposes another more modern approach. You will find an ability to write 4 000 characters to introduce your program and its advantages. It's important: don't get lost in such capacity. You may try to put all keys you have found before and make everything worst. Don't think here the proverb works 'the bigger is the best'.

As with application name, Goggle Play and App Store have several differences in keys forming. But in any case the keywords have great meaning in software promotion. You have to describe your application fully but avoid being boring. Try to balance and find the best length for your keywords.

4. Make a full description

This content will help you in capturing traffic. How? Searching for something people type in special field what they need. And if you have already put such 'magic' phrases in your description you will pick great amount of potential clients.

It is recommended to focus on first 2-3 sentences, because people read them firstly and then make a decision does this app worth to be downloaded or now. Imagine how many programs they can find in app markets. That's why you have to hurry up and impress your target audience in first 3 lines.

Content on your product page should contain only actual information, so the description also must be constantly updated. If you have changed any feature or add new one you should inform your customers about this. Current clients will be thankful for this and potential customers will make sure that this is what they need.

5. Provide application with well-designed icon

It was already mentioned that people meet thousands of app. They visit software markets and lose their minds in the variety of choices. But here is a little secret: your app will go to trash if it has unpleasant icon. That's why you should better paint it well or even hire a designer.

Follow these recommendations in making your icon attractive:

  • find a good idea for icon. Browse most popular application and try to find out what details and colors do attract people. All users tend to choose software with bright colored pictures, original shapes, funny detains, deep sense, etc.
  • make research before you start creating icon. Ask people what they want to see.
  • make the size of the image as bigger as it's needed. This requirement depends on operating system. Notice, that Android and iOS devices have differences.

For iOS devices the icon must contain at least 1024х1024 pixels. But it also should be qualitative. Paint all meticulous details.

Even if you have an opportunity to create such qualitative picture, you will have no choices because the App store has strict requirements. Don't worry about how to resize the icon. It will be done automatically. All sizes such as for app icons 180×180, navigation icons 66×66, and tab bar icons 75×75 will be created by Apple operating system.

Android operating system also has some requirements. The icon with 512х512 is in demand. And that is all requirements. You may also find several recommendations about design in the Web.

6. Add to your product page useful multimedia

It can be screenshots and videos of your application work. Frankly speaking, these files are not the part of successful SEO-strategy, but also bring traffic. It would drive organic traffic from search.

Why it works? Put yourself in potential client's shoes. Then think: will you believe the promises of strange people? You are definitely won’t. By this reason your target audience demand from you proves. Using screenshots and videos you will satisfy their curiosity.

Remember, that texts have a great power but you must ‘surround’ it with proper ‘decorations’. That's why the App Store allows you to upload 5 videos, and Google Play allows 8. Choose 2-3 most attractive screenshots which will be displayed in the gallery. How to choose the best? Just take those media files which demonstrate customers the most important benefits. These pictures and videos can ensure target audience that your software is the best for them.

7. Adopt your promotion and application language

Make a research and find out what is the most used languages for your potential clients. It would be quite pity if you miss thousands of clients because of such simple mistake.

The App Store allows developers localizing listing for your products. After you have found which languages are the most popular then it's time to translate title, description, and keywords. In a result the index of conversion will grow.

8. Provide customers with updates

Most clients believe that if developer doesn't update his software he is not responsible and they should better choose another application. So post regular updates and inform people about this.

Besides, updates will help you find out more about most spread bugs in your program and fix them. People will write you review, thank for good job. Don't forget to answer them and help in difficult situation. Such approach will be valued. Raise your ratio and be loved by customers.

9. Ask people to leave reviews

There are several ways to encourage your current customers leaving feedbacks. Some of them aspire to make a great things and will not ask for something in return. Another clients can leave you review only for something pleasant.

But the thing is you need to welcome people taking part in your application development. And here is the reason why. All app markets range the pages of own website according to several criteria. High ratio is one of them. That's why your general purpose is to get more and more feedbacks with 5 stars.

These 10 tips really work. So start to improve your software right now!