Top Frequently Asked Questions:

What is App Review Submission service?

On the Internet there are hundreds of different websites, services and blogs that review apps. These sites always install an app, test it out carefully and put down a review for their users to study. They also always link back to the app. We solid experience working with hundreds of websites, and now we have strong relationships with many of high-rated websites. If you ask for it, we will immediately submit your app to all app review websites. In the same time, we will manually submit your app details via web form on a list of the websites. On practice we submit to over 200 websites, mostly for iPhone apps, and Android ones plus Windows apps. That is why we are able to promote iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Apps.

Will app reviews influence positively on my app installs?

Yes, definitely. In a number of ways: direct Installs, Exposure and SEO which go in front of more installs.

We spend a lot of time personally working on hundreds of apps. We use this exact tactic with EACH AND EVERY app we launch. The reviews increase installs and direct traffic to your app. Many of these review websites have more than 1000 readers daily. That is why just only try to imagine the whole exposure and branding gained from just one website (as you know there are more than 155 review websites). But we can also work in another way. In this case you earn links from each review website. Be sure, every link to your app will actually help raise your app in the main search engines (SEO), and it will drive a colossal traffic to app pages. In simple words, we can conclude that links are the currency of the web. The more links you get, the better rank’s place you obtain. More links can easily result in higher search engine rankings. High rank can lead to more natural installs. In its turn, more natural installs leads to higher rankings in the app stores which outcome in even more succeeding installs.

Is it possible for all websites of selected package to review my app?

No, we cannot promise all of them will review your app. It mostly depends on your app. If you have a great ideas and strong interesting app, you will surely get more reviews. By the means of submitting to a list of sites you get a great chance to get many reviews, but in the same time it depends on how good your app is for the reviewer.

How much time do you need for your work to be done?

Usually the process takes from 5 to 14 days depending on which service you choose.

Give more details about the process for App Reviews Submission Service, please.

First of all, just simply pay via Pay Pal for provided services on our service’s page. After your payment achieves us you will be asked to give some answers for a few questions about your app (URL, Name etc). After that, you will get email from us about the start of our work. You can easily contact us at AppReviewSubmit.com if you have any questions. After we finish the work you will get a report with the list of each and every website we submitted your app to. In the same time we also share all contact connected details with you. Be aware, it can take the app review sites a few weeks to publish the reviews. This is a FREE review that is why it may need a time to be posted. Be also aware that some of sites can try to sell you expedited review services, in such cases just ignore these requests. We can assure you that the free reviews will come soon. We do not provide e-mail to the app review sites after we put forward the request; we share your contacts with these sites for them to contact you directly.

Is free marketing report provided by AppReviewSubmit.com really free?

Yes, definitely. You will get a detailed marketing report adapted specifically to your app. We do it because we are sure that you will be so satisfied with our free report that you will surely let our team to provide you with more advanced app marketing services.

Can I get full reports for all of my IOS apps or only for one?

At this time you can only get one report per applicable electronic mail address.