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The team helped me a lot in raising my Android app’s rating andrecognition for. I am so happy about starting working with this team! They saved my time and money by identifying and requesting reviews from the biggest and most popular available App Review websites. Also, they have promoted my App and boosted my social networks’ pages and Website traffic as well. Thank you!

Carlos Starkey, Android App Developer

The Significance of Reviews & Ratings

Today we make the greatest emphasis on the importance of apps reviews and ratings especially the part concerning discovery and downloads. We can name the significance of reviews and ratings the same important as the significance of your name, screenshot, icon and product description improving. It is not a big secret that customer’s feedback has huge importance. What obvious fact can be less known is how important ratings and reviews for your app’s detection and downloading are.

From a detection viewpoint: ratings and reviews are always used as metadata for search, they can even help to sort out your app in search results according to information and news. According to all this information, we can make a clear conclusion that future reviews can become a great tool for app publishers to get valuable feedback and even also to become sure that their web page is full of keywords needed for them to be found in the main search results.

Why do I need Reviews & Ratings?

Reviews and ratings can show a lot about your app popularity and other characteristics. It can display how often the potential user downloads your app in comparison with using apps from your direct competitors. Youcan get a lot of such information mainly in list view on the device. We think that it is very important to show up from the crowd with a great name and moreover with a murderer icon. When you improve your product’s name, these small advances you get when you rich a high rating place are another approach for your app to be noticed. Imagine a situation when there is an app in the list that is similar. In such case it’s very important for you to have stars and more reviews for your app to be the one that is downloaded. In the same time it is obvious that when you start to be compared to others that similarly have many reviews and ratings, the significance of your star rating and total amount of positive reviews you have turn out to be an important factor.

What to do to get Reviews & Ratings?

If you don’t know what exactly to do in such cases, how to react appropriately, and then we will help you with it.
Here is a list of ideas you might need to use.

  1. Just ask for reviews and ratings! Put a “Rate and Review Our App” in your product description, or print it on your marketing materials, write in emails and newsletters you’re sending to your customers, to your social network pages – wherever you can put it.
  2. Use popular tools of notification, pop-up notification reminders in your app to ask active users to leave their feedback.
  3. Create a residential area in your app, as same as in your menu, which is able to prompt users to rate and review your app.
  4. Hold contests and promotions to collect feedbacks leveraging your social networks and databases.

We hope you will find much useful information on our website as well as the services to help your app to get the success you need. Ordering App Review Submission service you’ll get much more downloads, engagement, and sales for your apps. Each review will be published at a popular, high-rated source. So if you have no time to spend about 20-30 minutes or more to submit your app for each review, then choose a package that suits your needs best of all and we’ll do all the work in a fast and quality way. Also, feel free to reach out to us directly at our email via our Contact form if you have any additional questions.