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Creating a useful and unique Android app is just a first step to success. What is critically important is to make your app popular and promoted. Imagine, there are over one and a half billion of valid apps on Google Play Market and this number is growing daily!

If you are a dealing with apps for Android – you have pros and cons at the same time. You are dealing with world’s most promoted OS and with most visited apps’ online store where it’s always possible to find your client, but, at the same time – you’ve got millions of competitors and very little chance to be noticed in the crowd If only you are not using advertising platform wisely and effectively!

Using reliable advertising service – you are investing in your future rating, image and success.

How does it usually work?

Most of leading platforms for advertising apps offer solutions for android app installs (in other words – they selling your app) and for making app’s rating higher. Most effective way to raise rating is to buy android app reviews and star-rates. It’s very common to use short in-built adverts for your application, when some promo image or video is shown inside popular applications. Sometimes you have to pay for each time when your advert is shown but more often you pay for real android app installs only.

Another important thing to make your application popular is – getting its rating high on Play Market and ordering android app reviews from real users. Why it may be useful for you? Internet users trust reviews of other people more than any descriptions and screen shots from developer (even if they are very detailed and bright). According to internet survey of 2016, this number may raise up to 90% of users. Majority of users, - that visit page of your application, will search for android app reviews and if they find none there is a great chance they will leave the page without install.

When you buy android app reviews – be sure, they will be informative and positive. Isn’t it exactly what you need? Positive reviews will not only raise your rating but will also make it easier to make a decision to buy your app.

Which service to choose?

When there are so many platforms for developers, which one to choose? There are some critical points to look at that I’m going to talk about!

  • Platform’s own Reviews
    There’s nothing that may help to make better choice than other people’s experience. Those android app reviews that reveal both strong and weak sides of a platform are usually more useful than total-wow-reviews (that may be simply paid). At the same time there are new platforms that are still in the shadow but offer good service for lower price, sometimes it’s reasonable to try something less popular – but not to spend whole budget for advertising for an unknown platform.
  • Start from little
    Except general quality, there’s personal preference. The only way to know if a platform is good for all your needs and make you totally satisfied is to try it. Check the minimal price offer that you may take for beginning. Is it ok for you? Then go on. If you feel the price of a try may be too high – keep searching. In any case, it’s always better to try service paying minimal price than to spend all your money without being sure that this service is the best for you.
  • Payment methods
    Are all services and sites honest and fair? Mostly yes, but sometimes upsetting things may happen and you pay getting nothing back. To avoid it – check payment methods of the site. Transparent systems use popular methods of payment that allows to prove the fact of purchase and to get details of receiving account in the case of misunderstanding.
  • Technical support
    Some developers may think that technical support is not such an important thing to pay attention at. In real, you may have too many things to ask when you start to use a service for advertising your application. No matter how good platforms and sites are – technical problem is not such a rare thing to happen and it may appear when you need it least. Be sure you can contact client’s service any comfortable time, be also aware of possible time shift in the case you order promotion from a company based abroad. It’s always better to choose sites with 24/7 technical support and to check it beforehand.

No matter how good your app is – it’s essential to spend some money to promote android app in order to get more android app downloads and better rating. Not all promotional platforms are the same, so it’s always wise to try some minimal budget before purchasing a full package. It’s also necessary to pay attention at platform’s reputation, safety, pricing policy and technical support availability. As you can see, here we doing all our best to satisfy those needs, so you can buy what you need right now!