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Created a really nice app for IOS but nobody buys it? Quite a common situation for those who still haven’t choose an advertising platform for applications. Selling your app for iOS is not an easy task but if you find a good advertising platform to promote iOS app – it will increase your chance for success.

Why is it so important to buy app installs?

App store is simply overwhelmed with all kinds of apps. It’s not so easy to get to the top and to be noticed by a potential client among billions of other offers. When you pay for a proper promotion – you pay for a chance to be noticed. Ordering a package for ios and iOS app installs, you simply pay for your app downloads. How do all these iOS app downloads appear? The platform shows advertising images or short videos to people who use.

Sometimes advert is placed inside other apps, the advert is showed to users and they download your application. Most of platforms offer to target your advertising campaign on those people who are more likely to become your potential clients. Usually you can option location, age, gender and type of device of those people who will see your advert. Sometimes you can chose your target auditory even due to their browsing history, interests and latest downloads. It makes advertising campaigns more effective and operative.

The good thing to understand is - that besides the number of ios and iOS app installs there’s another figure – number of people who saw your advert and probably remembered it. This number is usually much higher and it plays its small but positive role for further promotion, it also gives you an understanding of how accurate your targeting strategy is and how attractive your apps are.

Why do you need reviews for your application?

According to marketing research great number of internet users, trust iOS app reviews of other customers more than expert or developer’s review. Choosing any products, including app, we rely on experience of people, who use the app with the same aims and under common conditions. In most cases, users hesitate whether experts’ reviews are honest as they afraid it was paid or written by developer with an aim to advertise.

At the same time, it’s always difficult to get a positive review from real clients if you are not ordering them. People rarely rate the apps they downloaded previously and even more rarely write iOS app reviews.

However it’s always possible to improve your rating when you buy iOS app reviews. In this case those people who use a platform will check your application and will write a positive and detailed review. Reviews of this type is very useful as they help potential consumers to take a decision about purchase or install.

When you buy iOS app reviews you can get star-rating that is also very important. First, rating is important for taking a good place in app store and second – for being trusted by internet users. According to App Store statistics, those apps that have rating lower than 4 stars are rarely noticed and downloaded. At the same time, high rating and positive iOS app reviews play more important role than textual description when it’s up to downloading an app.

How to choose a proper platform for advertising?

There are plenty of services for app promotion. If you are about to choose one of them – it’s wise to start from determining your key points. For example, if budget for advertising is strictly limited - chose new platforms with good reputation; they usually offer cheaper solutions but it takes longer to reach the result. If you are limited in time – find popular services with great amount of users and high speed of work.

However, there are services that offer numerous solutions that can be customized for many cases, including yours. Choosing services for promotion it’s always wise to pay attention at company’s reputation and rating, as well as safety of payment methods. Our service can satisfy all of those needs and terms, so you can get in right now!