Refund Policy

We want our users to be totally satisfied ordering on our website. We offer excellent services and if you have some problems, concerns or questions, please have courtesy to send us your email using the Contact Form.

Paying for our services implies fulfilling following steps:

  1. After your payment receipt, our specialists will contact you and request some details regarding the game or app, that you have chosen as the subject of the purchased service, for instance, app submission service.
  2. Having all information regarding your order, we can start generating the materials that are needed for successful provision of the services, like email templates, icons, company details, screenshots, etc. Such operations often can take 24 hours.
  3. After the creation of the materials we send one more email to ask for your personal consideration regarding the materials we will use for services provision.
  4. Having received your approval, our team will start performing the services.
  5. With service completing, our staff will contact you providing the detailed report and the proof of the successfully fulfilled work.

Before purchasing our services, as our customer you will be fully responsible for correct understanding of this refund policy, therefore, read it carefully. We will act in line with these terms. We always try to provide really exclusive services; however we acknowledge that some exceptional circumstance can occur regarding the specificsĀ of the services we perform.

Therefore, we appreciate all refund requests, which relate to following reasons:

  • Before reaching the step 4, you can ask for refund if you have some reason. However after step 4 we cannot offer you refund, because of peculiar nature of services.
  • Failing of service delivery within timeframes we specified on the page of service description.
  • If the services provided are not such as described, this sort of request for refund will be satisfied by AppReviewSubmit in each particular case. We reserve full discretion for making a determination on the refund case.