8 Ways to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy

8 Ways to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy

Trying to catch modern trends, marketers count on mobile advertisingand mobile platforms. Being used to PC adverts, many people think that mobile ads will work way the same. However, surveys show that while general spends on mobile advertising are growing, desired results are still not reached.

So many modern marketers are in a trap: there’s an urgent need to use trending advertising platform and there’s lack of knowledge of how to deal with them. We’ve monitored several companies with successful mobile marketing and set 8 useful rules based on quotes and saying of their leading marketers. Perhaps, this knowledge will become that type of engine that will take your business up to better results.

Inspirational-Guru of the Article

This article is based on shared knowledge and expertise of some great marketers. We’ve monitored their interviews and speeches in order to find best working advice that may rescue your marketing strategy:

  • Amy Loesch (Consumer Marketing Department at RetailMeNot)
  • Stewart Rogers (Department of Marketing Technologies at VentureBeat)
  • Patrick McCarthy (B2C Marketing Deprtment at City Fintech)
  • Sid Jatia (Global E-Commerce at Under Armour)

1. Trends decide

Using mobile devices is all about trends. If you want to catch your potential consumers while they are using mobiles, make your adverts trendy. Experts think that a great problem of many marketers is forgetting that PC and mobile adverts differ greatly. When you target smartphone users, adopt everything to be visible and readable on smartphone screen.

No matter if it’s a video advert, an e-mail or a poster - it shall be crafted for smartphone screens and shall be trendy and attractive enough to be watched on the go. If you miss this opportunity and keep creating ads in an old way - that won’t work. Be with trends and try to feel the changes, then you’ll know how to attract more consumers and to make mobile marketing hit your records.

2. Emotions Matter

Advert shall cause certain emotions when a user see it. No matter how grounded your proves to buy a product is, it will only work right when you add some emotional context to your advertising. However, that’s far not all. It’s also important to make emotions relevant and fresh. Most marketers are concentrated on making emotional background of an advert maximally connected to the concept of a product. But little remember that emotions shall be new and fresh. In that case, ads will intrigue and will stay in mind of potential clients.

Don’t afraid to be a bit balder and more innovative looking for a new promo-concept. It’s sometimes OK to go beyond your strict plan and to ask yourself a question: “What will impress our potential client most?”.

3. Allow Your Clients Make a Difference

Normally, producers create a product and introduce it to public when everything is ready. That may work. However, why not to attract your loyal clients and potential customers to the process of creating something new?

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience how they would want a product and what they would change to make it better, more attractive and more comfortable. Make process of goods’ production more transparent. It’s OK to ask advice of your potential clients on every stage of creating your offers.

Surveys, questioning, simple talking to those people who show interest in what you do is a great way to create outstanding offers.You will discover many ways to make your goods more popular and useful. Allowing society to be co-creators of your goods is also a right tactic to build trust and emotional connection between you and your buyers.

4. ‘Extreme’ Marketing

If you deal with internet adverts, some risk is needed. To be noticeable, to cause emotions and to attract people, your advertising shall stay fresh and exciting. Try new ways and concepts of presenting your ideas. Not everything will work but you’ll definitely discover new ways of effective promotions if you try to search for them.

Use live monitoring and statistic tools to minimize possible loses. Tools will allow you noticing if an advert doesn’t work and understand which changes are needed. Modern marketing tools are created to make your experience less risky.

5. Social Platforms for Product Testing

Social sites and popular platforms allow promoting your products and get a fast feedback of your potential clients. That plays a great role for successful marketing strategy especially if you are preparing for a product launch.

Use social sites not only for starting your advertising campaign, test your new products here. Presenting your offers on social platform, you get more chances to know what people really think about what you do. This knowledge is incredibly valuable and can change the whole marketing strategy for better.

6. Balancing Strategy

The incorrect approach makes you choose between top-of-funnel marketing and performance marketing. The correct one makes you balance these two marketing strategies. If you work on getting more attention or concentrate on traffic only, your strategy may bring good results for a short term. However, if you plan to stay on market for a long time, learn to combine several marketing tricks in one strategy.

That’s OK to pay more attention at that tool that works better for you currently, but it’s also important to develop other marketing approach and to use the potential they give.

7. Know Your Product Better

Building successful marketing needs you to know your product from A to Z. It’s not only important to understand qualities and features of what you sell, but to realize how it was created and who worked on it.

A marketer needs to keep in touch with those teams that are involved in creating products. First, it gives more clear understanding of what the good is, which concept stands behind it. Second, it’s a great way to develop products in a better way. Both sides: marketers and producers give feedback to each other and it may work effectively for you.

8. Determine Roles

Effective marketing strategy shall include several channels and many promo-tools. The more opportunities you use the more likely your products will be on the top. However, it’s extremely important to understand role of each channel and investigate your time and money accordingly. Mobile marketing is a must. At the same time, not all business shall keep it as a priority. Some will also find that PC adverts work better for them. That doesn’t mean you shall target PC-users only. That only means that you shall develop both channels, giving more attention to a working one.

Same principle works inside mobile marketing strategy. Determine what works better for you: mobile web or applications. Work on both approaches but count on the more effective one.

What About You?

Would you use any of these ideas for developing your mobile marketing? What you think will work best for your business? Let’s share our opinions and ask for a friendly advice in comments.

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