The Power and Authority of App Reviews,

The Power and Authority of App Reviews,

The Power and Influence of App Reviews

App reviews become more and more important in sphere of ASO. Especially after the “humanizing” of the app world, so called changes in the Apple Store algorithm, was held Like a little tree in a big forest

Nowadays, there are a plenty of new mobile apps. They are launched everyday and in total we have over than 1,300,000 apps in the Apple Store now. That is why, unfortunately, your app have no hazard to be seen by users in this entire mass if you do not work hard with the exact purpose to improve the rank of your app.

It is no longer sufficient to have only a good app if you wish to be successful in this difficult world of apps. Being inventive, imaginative and having fresh ideas is not enough anymore. If you wish to achieve real success from this time forth you utterly need to funnel on App Store Optimization (ASO) features and details. If you have not started to work with the App Store Optimization already, we advise you to start this process right now.

It is also very difficult nowadays to take users to see and use your app. Title, descriptions, icons, keywords and screens must be smart done if you wish to overreach the best chance of obtaining the top positions of the list. It’s more and more difficult to increase downloads of your app, but all together it is your main goal.

Socialization of the app world

Because of the changes made in the Applications Store algorithm by Apple, the social factor becomes more and more important in the ranking valuation of an app. For this exactly moment, rankings/stars and reviews have a really big weight in the mentioned algorithm. In its turn this means that if your app has numerous good reviews and high rankings, its ranking position surely will increase significantly. Conversely, if your app has a bulk of negative appreciations, it will without doubt fall lower in the App Store.

If we study ASO point of view, we will see that the significance given to reviews has a main goal to reward alive active apps and, simultaneously, to penalize dead apps.

If to look from a popular sociological point of view, reviews surely help users a lot to make their choice. You may ask why it so? The reason is simple; it is all because we are humans. And it is usual for humans always looking forward to be informed of other humans’ point of view on everything they mean to buy before making a decision. In fact, such recommendation plays one of the most significant roles in every customer decision making. We are fond of sharing and exchanging information. It is one of our biggest and oldest basic needs. That is also why Social Media have such a big popularity and colossal success these days.

You may probably already think why I am going here. We can same easily relate this logic to the app’s downloading process. Every person before downloading an app first of all look at its title, description and icon but only after looking through the small stars right next to the app. In most cases we immediately want to know if other people liked it or not.

If some app has a good high ranking, but at the same time no reviews at all, we are usually frustrated because we have no explanation of this suspicious success.

Also, you need to know that unhappy users post a lot. A lot more than satisfied ones do. But, in the same time, be careful; do not buy hundreds of reviews on the Internet from untrusted and untried providers. This dirty business can easily be detected. It can bring you more problems than advantages.

The grow of the Authority Factor

As we have been mentioned, the App Store algorithm makes it a lot more difficult to cheat with false reviews. The person who wants to post a review, must be connected to its iTunes account at the first turn, it will be therefore analyzed.

In fact, Google is though going even one step forward. If someone wants to post an app review on Google Play, he needs to log on to his/her Google+ account. That is why your real name will also appear in public on your post.

Nowadays it is very important for reviews to come from real users with a full profile and higher influence. It is logically that genuine and active profiles have more impact than other ones. Reviews that came from reliable users have much higher degree of influence in the algorithm in total.

All at once, it gives less weight to reviews that came from unknown users with doubtful or inactive profiles. We can also compare this way of classifying apps with PageRank algorithm of Google, which gives more importance to links coming from trustworthy websites than untrustworthy ones.

Reviews are the same as feedback

Reviews are also very remarkable not only for users, but also for app developers. Reviews can notify them about any bugs or problems the app is facing. Users surely will not hesitate to tell about their anger or dissatisfaction if an app is not working appropriately.

In the same time they also enable the app launcher to get a general feedback. Users can also name the features that need to be improved.

All together, you have a chance to see how users distinguish your competitors’ apps. You can both opportunities to focus on their weaknesses as same as to offer something better

It is also quite interesting to watch the apps with extremely bad reviews, but still lots of downloads. The reason for such a phenomenon is simple. It’s all because of the fact that there are the apps which people still need no matter of any bad reports.

Always use fresh ideas!

Do not dare to forget that everything is focused on fresh ideas. And this means that if an app has many high-quality reviews but rather old ones, it will surely start to lose ranking position soon. In the same time, an app with less good reviews but more up to date has a bigger chance to obtain bigger rank. Once more, this works same as Google’s algorithm for WebPages.

Do not be uncertain whether to update your description content or not. Do it! It is always a bonus for your rank.

As a conclusion we can say that reviews play a significant role in different ways:

  • They increase people’s belief to an app, give reliability to the app. People will never download an app with numerous bad reviews because they believe other people’s opinion.
  • Many high-quality reviews help to obtain higher app’s ranking position.
  • Many bad reviews can destroy an app’s status and all at once decrease its ranking position.
  • Only reviews written by genuine trustworthy users are greatly valuated in the algorithm.
  • Reviews give a possibility for the app developer to see what is working and what is not with his app.

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