Effective Ways to Improve Rating of Your App

Effective Ways to Improve Rating of Your App

Today online application stores is a place of great competition. To make your app sold you need something more than creating a good idea and implementing it in high-quality soft.

No doubts, it still important to produce an application that will be interesting, good-looking and comfortable for your target audience. However, correct marketing is just as much important as value of the app itself.

If you think for a while how application stores work, you may guess the reason for that. Google Store and App Store offer great diversity of applications. Several millions of digital products are waiting to be installed and fight for their place in a top list.

The number of applications is growing daily. It’s very likely, in a few years number of apps on market will double. Nevertheless,competition is not going to be easier. Being noticed among the great amount of competitive offers takes more than creating a good app. Becoming popular by chance is impossible. Getting to a top list needs hard work, constant improvement and some money spends. However, reward is worth that.

Latest Changes in Policy of Application Stores

If you dealt with selling your app before and have been out of market for some years, you may notice how dramatically policy of application stores changed. If before stores were very welcoming to new developers and gave them a good chance to be noticed, now you go directly to a harsh fight for a place under the sun. The reason is incredible number of new developers and fresh apps. Today’s stores are oriented on users not on developers and are working hardly to offer only best products to potential consumers.

First what a user will see entering a shop is a list of popular applications. It means that you shall have good reviews, positive rating and great number of downloads to be noticed. This rule is determining for building your marketing strategy.

Organic ratings and reviews are hard to get. You can ask your friends and relatives to help with that, however, number of reviewswon’t go high enough in that case. Online services that specialize on app-promotion may solve the problem. There are companies that sell paid installs, five-star ratings and reviews. In that case, number of reviews is limited by your readiness to pay only.

Benefits of High Rating

Being in the top-list of applications is the main but not the only aim of purchasing five-starts ratings and reviews. Alongside with getting better position in general ranking, you make your app look more interesting and trustworthy.

Most app users pay attention at ration of an application they are about to download. According to unofficial surveys, more than 70%of users are ready to deny an idea of using an app if they see negative reviews. Feedback of other users will influence your potential consumers decision. If there are no reviews and ratings or very little of them, users may think the app is not popular and search for something more trustworthy.

Other Ways to Improve Your Rating

Paid reviews is probably most comfortable, fast and effective way to improve status and general ranking of your app. It won’t take lot sof spends and currently remains affordable for new developers. However, ordering rating and reviews is not the only way of getting more positive feedback. There are other advice that may work in your case:

  • Concentrate on qualityYes, creating a good app doesn’t mean it will become popular automatically. However, even a great promo-campaign and marketing strategy won’t make people buy or install useless app with poor quality. Remember, that promotion and marketing is incredibly important, but quality always goes before that. Don’t count on something one, balance good app quality and your marketing efforts to get desired result.
  • Be ready to changeNegative reviews are killing your hope for becoming popular. However, you can take them as honest advice from your potential clients. They report about a problem, so you know now what to change and what to work at. Negative reviews may even work on you if you answer them fast and eliminate those elements that made your customer feel uncomfortable. Fast reaction and positive attitude of a developer cost much and will attract some loyal clients.
  • Talk to your clientsEven if you have some organic installs, it doesn’t mean you can get reviews and ratings easily. Normally, people are not willing to leave any feedback as it requires some time. Most users can’t imagine how important their reviews or rating could be for a developer. It’s OK to ask your customers to rate your app or to leave a review. Be sure, your message is clear, friendly and doesn’t appear too often. You can also include a short explanation of why users’ feedback is so important to you, it shall be very short and understandable enough.

All developers have difficulties introducing their new app. However, there’s no reason to give up or to deny your plans. Looking for a working strategy will take you some time and efforts. As soon as you understand which marketing principles work best for your products and learn to monitor and manage changes, you are able to grow and to gain your loyal clients.

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