Rejection At App Store: Ways Of Avoiding

If Apple rejects your app, it will effects negatively on you. Still, in most cases, after rejection, you need to make some changes for your app to be excepted. If you do not want to go through the procedure of rejection, read carefully what you are allowed and not allowed to do before you get started.

Trademark And Logo Abuses

Be careful not to violate other trademarks or logos. Be aware that Apple is very strict about their stuff, so read carefully their Guidelines beforehand.

Porn Content

You will automatically get your rejection if you include porn in your app.

Publishing An Unfinished Or Beta App Version

An Apple Store is not fond of unfinished or beta app versions that is why you must be 100% sure that your app is a fully functioning one.

Extended Load Time

Your app should normally be loaded generally within 15 seconds.

Cheating With The Ratings System

Asking users to rate your app is your duty as a developer, but if you effect your users leaving you only 5 star rating, your app surely will be rejected.

Consuming Private APIs

Apple must be certain that you are not covertly get into private information, so they do not permit you to call external libraries or permit your download external code.

Usage of Unconnected Keyword Terms

While submitting your app, you also have to be sure that the keywords are somehow related.

Declaring Other App Stores

To avoid rejection here, while marketing your application on other app stores, please be sure to setup a website.

Usage of Third Party Systems of Payment

While trade digital content, you ought to use the iTunes in-app system of payment only.

Mistreatment Of Apple Buttons and Icons.

Apple produces special guidelines for icons and buttons, so do not mass with it.