In-App Referral Programs: You Cannot Skip This Information

In-App Referral Programs: You Cannot Skip This Information

A referral program is your way to expand on the user base with little effort but still yielding great results. The method is effective itself, but it proves to be effective if only you plan your actions and follow the correct strategies in building the system. Being careless and giving little weight to details, you won’t see the desired growth.

A referral program is not a brand-new trend. If you look back and carefully contemplate our past, you may notice familiar tendencies. People always appreciated the recommendations given by their friends, colleagues, or family members. Suggestions from people who you respect is a proven method to receive a high-quality service or product. You may observe this concept while using in-app referral software. Today we experience a massive update of the concept. Now it is reinforced by the latest technological advancements and adapted for the user.

It helps apps become more visible in the market. The in-app referral program boosts the organic traffic to draw attention to the app and make it grow. The idea is that you share the app with your acquaintances, and they, in turn, start using the app, benefiting from its services and, what’s more importantly, purchase items of merchandise. It is an automatic process.

How can you bring success to your development?

To develop an in-app referral program, you need to research the necessary functionalities the program should feature. They will make your tool work effectively.
  • Learn to generate the links
    When creating the referral software, you need to make sure that users can interchange the app barrier-free. To make it possible, you may benefit from the referral link generation. Every user will get a personal reference. It also may be used for further sharing of the information with other users.
  • Introduce the sharing practice
    When the links are ready to be generated, you need to ensure a smooth sharing process. Users want to tell their friends about the app easily. Your task is to use links supported by the most popular phone programs.
  • Monitor the users
    By sharing, you cannot monitor people who use the app. Therefore, the next step would be creating a system to ensure information tracking. If you omit this step, the previous efforts will make no sense.
  • Collect important data
    With the tracked data, you have enough information to conclude the most dedicated users. These are people who perform the most vivid activity and can encourage other users to download the app.
  • Ensure relevant data disposal
    To ensure the correct system’s work, you need to monitor whether the privilege for the users is spread evenly.
  • Let the user benefit from the privileges
    When you are done with the previous step, you need to work on the simplicity of use. People want to know that they can easily benefit from the privileges promised by the developers. For this reason, you need to ensure the quickest way between the first and last step of the process.
  • Review credit history
    The purpose here is to monitor how the users take advantage of the app. By reviewing their credit history, you can get what value this or that person can provide. The information about the financial issues of the users can vividly illustrate whether you benefit from them or not.
  • Use a personalized adaptation process
    It is also called an onboarding flow. You may introduce this feature to your in-app referral program to add extra value.
If you try to utilize some of these points, you risk damaging the quality of the app. Little time is needed for you to feel the consequences of such a careless approach.

Terms used with an in-app referral software

If you are new to the game, the explanation of these terms will be of great use for you:
  • A referring user is a person encouraging traffic to the app.
  • The referred user is the one who was influenced by the promotion of the app.
  • The referral rule is the regulation for allocating the incentives for the users.
  • Event is an action performed by the user.
  • Credits are another name for the incentives.
  • Deep-link is the reference to content. There is also a referral link.
  • On-boarding flow is the adaptation process.

Using in-app software will yield great results

There are some basic features that you can get when using the in-app referral program.

Real and well-illustrated ROI image

With the software, you will be able to monitor the activity with the app. You will also know more about the users, their preferences, and whether they enjoy the app or abandon it.

Users are trusted members

You are acquainted with the app and start using it after the recommendation from a friend, meaning that you trust the developers and their products or goods. This is the right step towards the creation of a community of trusted users.

Low purchase price

You won’t need to pay a lot for the new users due to the long-dated mechanism of conversion. Recommendations from the referred users work better than a promotional campaign in the media.

Tips to launch a start-up successfully

What steps do you need to produce to successfully work out your in-app referral service?

Loyal audience is a must

Every process starts with a strategy. If you don’t think strategically, you can fail at the very beginning. Targeting everyone is a mistake. You need to draw the attention of the users who performed the best results and were the most active if compared to others.

Double referral programs

If the person sees no practical value in your app, he or she won’t share it. With two-way interaction, you can gain a greater number of loyal users. It is simple. First, you make the user invest in your app. And when it is done, you suggest an additional incentive to help the user stay with the app for a longer period.

Relevant time frames

To ensure success, you need to choose the correct release time. The success of your startup will depend on the time for the release.

Promotion activities

To make your app visible on the market, you need to promote it. The best way is to combine different online methods to maximize the results of the promotion.

Don’t forget about quality checks

If you ensure a well-prepared promotion, you will receive a flow of users. It will draw attention to your program. Thus, you will need to monitor the quality of the processes, analyze the engagement, and follow the progress of the app.
These are the important aspects to monitor:
  • How many people install the app?
  • Are there any fraud operations?
  • Who are the most active and influential users?
  • Does the delivery of the reward work well?

Enhance the app

To make your in-app referral grow, you need to enhance the usability of the app. The processes should be simplified to make the user experience easier. But don’t forget to introduce interesting and engaging activities to amuse the customers.

Make sure that people follow up

To alert the users, you may need to introduce notifications or emails sent to profiles. It will remind the users of the updates, important events, discounts, or beneficial offers.

Let’s take a look at examples

The use of in-app referrals proved to be a successful and beneficial activity. Let’s figure out what made the following programs gain such popularity.
  • H3 Uber
    It is a well-known app enabling people to find a car and get to the destination with a careful driver. The company gained its name and won the users, and other companies are left behind. The developers introduced 2 in-app referral programs both for drivers and riders. Each of the categories can benefit from special offers and promo codes.
  • H3 Dropbox
    The app has gained popularity for great communication with the users. The developers suggest free space for storage. And the incentive works great for everyone downloading the app.
  • H3 Airbnb
    Another company that managed to increase their popularity and income with the help of a double-sided referral program.


It is the stage of your activity now when you cannot stop working on the app. If you abandon the idea and let it alone, the customers won’t join the app. You will simply lose them. In-app referral apps are a great chance to encourage more people to use your development. So make sure to implement it successfully.

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