Paid Installs - an Effective Tool for Your Android App Promotion

Creating an app is taking lots of hard work: deciding on idea, developing high-quality soft, working on images and sound effects. Finally, you upload your app to Google Store and realize, it's far not the time to relax.

Yes, developing your app is important. However, making result of your work being noticed by potential clients and having high ranking is an important part of marketing process as well.

Yes, developing your app is important. However, making result of your work being noticed by potential clients and having high ranking is an important part of marketing process as well.

No matter, how interesting and unique your app is, it has very high chances to be lost among great diversity of similar offers. So what to do to stay visible? Ordering some paid installs may work!

Why Paid Installs are Needed

If you have never been really interested in how online stores of applications work, you may think that all views and download that apps gain are organic. This idea would look so attractive: a developer creates something useful, people notice a good app and start to download it.

Reality is different. New app has very little chances to be notices. The reason is not its poor design or content. The matter is that thousands of new apps are created weekly and most of them will appear at Google Store. Users simply have no time to notice an app as list of new uploads is changing every day.

When you order paid installs, views or rating, it allows your app staying high is the list. Google Store algorithm works to show popular applications firs. Ordering paid installs during first hours after your app launch may help your application stay on the top for a long time.

Would that be possible with organic downloads only? Unfortunately, this is a very rare case. So, there's no sense to miss the chance.

Who Will Install Your App When You Pay for It

Many developers who deal with paid downloads first time, wonder if they can select people to promote their app. Google Play has around 28 geographical zones, that means that according to location users will use different language and will see different apps in a top list. Google algorithms are created to show most popular offers for each geographical one: what may be popular among Chinese or Canadians may be absolutely not interesting for Europeans or the USA citizens.

That's why, ordering paid installs, you are also able to choose a country or geographical area where most downloads shall be made. If you are about to order some ratings and reviews, you can sometimes also specify age, gender and native language to make reviews from profiles look more organic.

Which Amount of Installs is Needed

When you order some paid installs, you get higher in ranking and become more visible for your potential clients. This may also influence on organic installs, making their number higher.

That's hard to say how many paid installs may be needed for each app. Start from moderate number and increase it, until you find your effective formula. If you order a lot of installs, you have more chances to be in the top list or even become first among your competitors.

However, there's no need to order lots of installs constantly. It will save you a lot if you try to balance the number of paid installs, avoiding constantly high money spends.

How Paid Installs Influence an App's Image

Except making your app high in ranking, paid installs also help your offer look attractive. Around 70% of Google Store users pay attention at app's rating and watch its reviews before downloading.

High number of views and downloads, positive feedback is another way to attract organic interest to your application. Ordering some installs and reviews, you will make your application look more appealing and trustworthy.

What to Look for Ordering Paid Installs

There are hundreds of services and platforms that offer paid installs and reviews to developers. Not all of them are the same. Some companies offer really effective solutions while others may only harm your app's position and image.

Being new with this kind of promotion, it is difficult to find out what a proper service shall offer. That's why, we've created a list of what to look for when you are about to order paid installs:

  • Installs are made by real users with personalized profiles that won't be banned in the nearest future. It's also nice when users can test your application, so there's a chance to stimulate real interest in what you offer.
  • You pay for installs only (CPI). In that case you pay for something that really brings you a positive result.
  • Prices are moderate or low. There's no sense to buy expensive installs. Try to find service with comfortable pricing policy. This will help you to avoid unnecessary spends and to order more installs for smaller price. Both new companies and top services that offer their paid installs services try to keep their prices affordable. You can also monitor promo-offers that are often for this type of services.
  • Installs will start immediately or very fast after making an order. It's important to raise your app ranking fast after the launch or in promo days. Search for services that are fast to deliver your order.
  • You shall be able to specify which users install your app. Google Store shows different results according to location of users. For example, if your app is popular among South African users, there's a little chance Google Store will show it in a top list for users in Finland. Even if your app is sold worldwide, it's better to be able to choose users' location: this way you can control your app being in the top for most important regions. When you order reviews or ratings in addition, it's even more important to specify which users shall leave their reviews. Choose features that are close to your potential clients: gender, age, language and location. In that case, review will look more organic and trustworthy.
  • Services that offer in-built statistic will allow you to monitor results quickly. You can adjust your next actions in order to get better results.

If you order paid installs first time, be ready to monitor and to analyze results that your order brings. This is important to find your balanced formula that helps to minimize spends and increase positive results.