9 Tips For Your App Promotion

9 Tips For Your App Promotion

Nine Useful Tips To Promote Your App

If you have strong desire to promote your app, do not wait for it to get popularity on its own. You can get a lot of downloads after your application was just launched, but you cannot hope for this number to increase every day so easily. It is the same as with the famous Hollywood films: the main role in promotion here belongs to PR managers, not the editors or producers.

Even if you have created really useful and innovative app, a good marketing promotion campaign must be provided for it to get its permanent users.

It is a tough reality, but the most effective way to produce massive downloads is to be well introduced. We all know many situations when talented developers got no promotion for their apps just because of the lack of good promotional tools.

So, how can you make your app become popular? Read few next tips to get the information you need.

  • Make your app unique, extraordinary, worth mentioning, and it will surely leave a stronger impression, leading to more links and articles, and finally more downloads.
  • There must be a good story behind a product, and applications are no exceptions. It makes users easier to get lost in the world of your app.
  • Timing and momentum are also important. So let you app be popular not only after its launch, but also all the time.
  • Your personal website must also be interesting and always full of new information about your app.
  • Provide interesting and informative banners on your web site and other partners’ web sites.
  • Your PR campaign must always be unique and well planned.
  • Personal connections must always have a place. Read your users feedbacks and answer their main questions.
  • Use Stumbleupon paid discovery for your traffic increasing.
  • Make your app free at launch and you will get your first good users.

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