Mobile Coupons to Affect the Buyers

Mobile Coupons to Affect the Buyers

The study carried out to find out about the mobile shopping experience brought up very interesting results:

  1. The biggest part of American respondents said that they prefer buying from the seller who offers mobile coupons. In their turn, those sellers say that the coupons and discounts they offer is something they rely on, and something that bring consumers to their application and websites.
  2. About 40% of respondents plant to switch to buying online that actually going shopping. In turn, sellers plan to improve their apps and websites to provide a refined shopper experience to their customers.
  3. To the question about mobile identification installed in stores about 40% of responds said that they actually like it because it helps making a more customized shopping experience.

Reasons and Profits of Purchasing App Store Reviews

Smartphones are becoming more and more important for people. Nowadays, it is not only a means to make a voice call, send text, play a game or chat. They help making a better shopping experience.

For almost 30% of American shoppers smartphones play the key role in choosing the place for shopping since they can compare prices and show location of the desires store.

It is now possible to get a coupon or a discount via mobile. Many people look for the shops that offer online detailed description of the products in store.

Although, a little more than 80% of Americans still go shopping to landbased shops, their gadgets play key role in making the final decision about the purchase.

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