Mobile App – Marketing Mistakes

Consumerism has been changed with mobiles. Using mobile devices people read news, watch movies, shopping and communicate with people around the world. All professional marketers use this powerful tool to keep connected with the target audience. Any mobile device is so-called medium where inexperienced marketers make mistakes. Avoid the following mistakes:

• Treat mobile as the desktop

Don’t forget that mobile experience is much smaller than the desktop. Mobile apps require different experience and should be treated differently as well. It is impossible to input as much information as on the desktop. But, in fact, small screen of your mobile device has its own opportunities – you will focus on the most important things. Just simplify the content and don’t miss anything.

• Creating mobile app without marketing plan

There are apps with huge downloading rate. However, it does not mean that app you have will have the same rate. Each new app should be marketed and promoted properly. Also, encourage your clients stay active.

• Your mobile website is passed as app

Your mobile app should be native for various platforms. Don’t simplify your life doing web-based app. Your target clients value simplicity and their own experience. Focus on one major platform, learn what resonated with your target audience.

• You just want to believe people will download your app

Retention is a big problem. People downloaded your app may leave soon. Your app should be unique and useful so people will never be gone.

• You ignore customer base of your app

Getting new client who downloaded your app you receive a great opportunity to learn people needs. Investing in mobile app is good but it also requires connecting with people.