How to save up to 40% on paid installs

How to save up to 40% on paid installs

Attracting new users to products needs spendinga lot of money – millions of dollars for best marketing professional, and up to 50 thousand dollars monthly for small developers. But none of them can tell for sure what they spend money for.

Ameer Hashish, TUNE business intelligence manager explains that the last click model plays an important role in mobile industry. And it is a complex system where ad networks depend on each other.

The Problematic Credit

You see, the success of many of those promoted apps largely depends on a big number of ads and licks. Why is that? The reason lies with the customers’ psychology. A user only gets interested in the advertised app when they have some across it more than once or twice. Only then a user may get interested, check it out and finally install to test it. This is exactly what marketers dream of.

Credit is addressed as the main problem of app developers and marketers. Plain last-click attribution tools used by many marketers do not give much: too much credit is attributed to the last one, but the unfortunate leaders are under-credited. The install, however, will be registered by the ad networks. And the latter would want to claim ownership. This is rather annoying because every ad network will insist this was their install.

Nevertheless, last-click attribution does have an advantage – it is simplicity. It is easy to use and it is not complex so that it only shows a part of the real picture.

The Best Solution

The best way to deal with this issue is using a multi-touch attribution. This tool will let you see from which of you ad partners the app install arrived and it will not overcharge you.

However, there are still issues to solve:

  1. Possibility of monitoring and managing such tools.
  2. Choosing the model best suited for your product.

The market offers various models, among them:

  • Weighted attribution: last clock gets twice as much as the first one.
  • Time based attribution: the credit is given if the app is installed within certain time period.
  • Linear attribution: every click is credited equally.

And every marketer is trying to find the optimum alternative.

Ameer Hashish says that TUNE managed to develop a method of adjusting attribution models. With this tool marketers will be ableto set the number of credits given for different factors, and publishers will benefit more from setting up their attribution tools.

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