Snapchat is New and Unlike Others Application

How to Increase Your Snapchat Rating

Snapchat is an extremely successful messaging app that enables you to transfer writing letters, pictures, and videos. It possesses numerous useful points, such as filters, stickers, recollections, and stories. It enables you to gather pictures and videos for reproduction and distribution in futurity.
Speaking about its application interface, it’s not similar to different social media applications. It possesses no actual navigation (swiping right/left enables you to change the divisions in the application. The activities and keys in the application are managed by figures without tags. There are no obvious things, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, or different social media apps.

Interesting details about Snapchat:

  • 60 million downloads;
  • 55% of current customers apply to Snapchat;
  • Kik, Vine, and Yik Yak trail far behind Snapchat;
  • 29% of iPhone consumers apply Snapchat;
  • 77% of college learners apply Snapchat regular;
  • 32% of teenagers from the USA at the age of 13-17 apply Snapchat.

Why do people use Snapchat?

  • 34% communicating with friends;
  • 19% buying goods;
  • 14% social occasions.

Short tips on how to raise your Snapchat rating:

  • share snaps;
  • be dynamic there;
  • raise the number of Snapchat accounts of famous people in your friends listing.

The profile of your Snapchat possesses a number logged by your username that displays your action in the application. It is called Snapchat Rating. You are able to discover the snap rating near the username in the profile. There is no practical value; the rating simply increases gamification to the application. It drives people to continue chatting via Snapchat. Snapchat rating involves two figures, the first refers to the number of snaps you have transferred, and the second refers to the ones you have accepted.
As presently, you are already aware of what is a Snapchat rating, let’s move forward and discover how it operates and ways of raising it.

How does Snapchat Rating Operate?

Your Snapchat Rating increases hinging on several items:

  • snaps you accept;
  • snaps you transferred;
  • stories you post.

You will receive a score for transferring and getting a snap, although no scores for simply forwarding a letter. Also, you will receive a score if you post a snap to your story, although there are no scores for viewing stories of other users.
The advantages of obtaining a great rating are vague though you can open awards in the application hinging upon your rating. With these awards, people obtain unique accomplishments on the application and receive them in the form of emojis.

Ways of Raising your Snapchat Rating

Here we will present information on how to fast raise your Snapchat rating. You are able to transfer and open pictures and video snaps, post stories to raise your Snapchat rating. Additionally, let’s consider several extra items that you can take into consideration to raise your Snapchat rating.

Discover your actual Snapchat rating

You can discover your Snapchat rating in several easy actions.

  • Open your profile;
  • Tick on the profile symbol at the top-left angle of the screen;
  • You will discover the rating below your username.

You are able to push a button on the rating to observe a division of how many scores you have obtained for transferring and receiving the snaps.

Transfer many snaps at the same time

You transfer one snap to a single mate, and you receive 1 score. Therefore, if you will begin transferring snaps to many mates at the same time, you can receive an extra score. For instance, you transfer a snap to 10 friends; as a result, you will receive 10-11 scores.
Snapchat additionally provides a function of choosing various mates to transfer one snap. Simply tap the “Send” indicator and choose the people from the listing. All mates you choose will obtain a snap when you click on the “Send” indicator again.

Transmit snaps extra frequently

You obtain one score for transmitting one snap. Therefore, attempt to transfer more numerous snaps to your mates and relatives and make this action a conventional element of the day.
In case if you are not transferring snaps that regularly, you can close the app for some time. If you do it, you will obtain 6 gap award scores when you are back. Moreover, Snapchat raises your score when you start using Snapchat after some pause.

Do not transmit personal letters

Transferring or accepting personal letters does not assist you with increasing bag scores. Therefore, attempt to skip transferring or opening the accepted letters.

Open unread snaps

You obtain one score for opening a single snap. To open it, press the purple key for videos or the red key for pictures near the sender’s name. Reproduction of any of these doesn’t bring you any additional scores.

Include snaps into your story

Attempt to include more numerous snaps into your story. For each snap you include, you will receive a score. Tap the “Send” indicator key and then the “My Story” circle in the upper-left angle of the recipient’s screen to include a snap into your story.

Include more numerous mates on Snapchat

Every friend request, no matter you have transferred or received it, you will receive a score. This approach doesn’t serve long, though it is useful when you are a newcomer to Snapchat and are beginning to receive scores. Nevertheless, you can’t receive a score for each personality you include; for instance, you don’t receive scores when you include famous people.
Manage Snapchat further and improve your rating with the antiquated ways. If you do this, it will make you more dynamic and assist you in raising your followers on Snapchat. With the growing number of followings, you can additionally possibly achieve high influence and begin getting cash by promotion to your supporters on your Snapchat.


That is all information about the Snapchat Rating. You can additionally apply Snapchat to improve your mark and its goods. Snapchat Marketing assists you in developing your mark, evolving your shop, and improving your sales. Snapchat is an extremely influential platform that assists you to reach possible clients for your company.
There are many courses that can assist in raising your mark with a business account. With the guidance of these courses, you will discover how you can apply your Snapchat business profile for your company.

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