5 Ways of Increasing Your App Reviews

5 Ways of Increasing Your App Reviews

How To Increase App Reviews - Five Easy Ways

People always use other user’s opinion to create their own about some application. You always need to keep in your mind that opinions and reviews also affect a lot on your application’s popularity. They provide the visibility of the mobile app and its rank in search results. In addition, good reviews show how likely your app will be presented on the app store.

Today the app store is really crowded by millions of different applications that is why it is not an easy job to promote your own mobile application.

To help your mobile application to become better known and to get more reviews that are positive, read these 5 tips carefully.

  • Use your special Plugin, where you will put the button “Reviews” for people to leave their feedbacks. Numerous amount of special plugins you can find easily on the Internet.
  • Motivate users to review your application. Intrigue users so they leave their positive reviews. If people know that they might have some gift or discount, they would be more interested in leaving feedback.
  • Make it easier for your users to leave a feedback. Create different automatic buttons for users not to waste their time looking where to write their reviews. Also, use a direct communication with users. It will assist you in creating your own base of your app’s permanent users.
  • Another great way to make your mobile application popular and to increase app reviews twice is to run a contest on various forums. Be sure, all the winners of your contests will become your happy users.

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