How To Get Your App Reviewed

Every developer who creates its application wants to see it reviewed on the most popular forums. The increasing of the amount of reviews is the important matter for every application. If you want your app to be recognizable, you must provide a lot of reviews for it.

If you have already tried to get some reviews before, you must know that is not an easy job to get free ones. In the same time, the paid ones are not the best way either. You must have your own plan for your application promotion in order to avoid many mistakes you can deal with.

First, you need to find people who can write the review for your application. These people must have a big base of readers or followers. In the same time, making an offer for a person (blogger), you must provide him with a reasonable price, because no one is interested to promote your app for free.

While you asking journalist or a blogger to write a review, you have to provide him with the all required information (a compact summary of your app’s characteristics, a short video etc.).

While adding your press release when you write an email, please supplement it in the body of the mail. In addition, you had better declare in your email that the press release is detached at the bottom of it and supplement it under your signature.

Some popular blog reviewers recommend making a first contact with the blog audience if they do not know you, informing them about the forthcoming application and asking approval to let them know when it is out.

The other important rule is to be always nice. You are writing an electronic mail with the information about your application to a person who does not know you even a little and asking him to write a review, so please be always polite. For the better result, it will be useful to know who you are communicating with and use their names.