Easy ways to turn a site or WordPress blog into an app

Easy ways to turn a site or WordPress blog into an app

3 easy steps will help you transform the blog or site into the app:

1. Choose the name for the app. You need to work on the interface to make it easy and pleasant to use.

2. Implement important functionalities. No coding is needed here.

3. Now your app can be published to the online store. From this time, you can interpret changes using the app.

Building an app for a website or WordPress blog

Appreviewsubmit suggests to use an app converter for users. It features interesting and valuable functionalities:
  • You can use the original URL address to create a mobile app.
  • Converting now is a free option.
  • It won’t take hours of diligent work. The whole process will take several minutes.
  • You don’t need to possess specific skills in coding.
  • The apps can be performed on such platforms as iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • Earning money on apps becomes possible. You can introduce ads to monetize the app.
  • Analytics can make your experience more beneficial.
By converting your site or blog into an app, you give the readers more options. If you have a few minutes, you can use this time to enhance your website or blog by using app builder. This method proves to encourage new customers. You will enjoy a new user experience with many privileges, such as news updates, coupons, and discounts.

Top 7 options your app can feature

1. Blog. If you have a blog on one of the popular online platforms, you can easily convert it into an app. Now your readers can download the app and have more convenient access to the content.
2. Commentaries. It enables the readers to get acquainted with the feedback. By reading commentaries, newcomers can get the main idea behind your blog activity.
3. Sharing opportunities. This is a very important feature for today’s users. You can link your social media accounts. It is a nice way to interact with readers from different media channels and share your content more globally.
4. Social media interactions. You can convert your channel into a whole new social network with this feature. The option makes it possible for the readers to share their news, posts, and updates; you can discuss everything and share mutual impressions.
5. Online communication. Using a messenger, you can communicate with the readers and discuss your blog or website. It is a nice way to hear real feedback from the audience.
6. Notifications. If you can alert them, readers, when a new post is updated, they will be more engaged in your blog. Every time there is some activity with your content, the readers may get a notification to join the discussion.
7. Analytics. Being able to monitor the changes and track progress is a valuable option. The data now is structured and always available for you. You don’t need to research or experiment to see the growth of the app.

FAQ: top questions from the users

How can I convert a blog into an app?

It is possible with any app converting software. No coding skills needed to create an app.

How to create an app for the website?

Here is a step-by-step guide:
  • Open app converting website
  • Specify the name you want to give to your app
  • Choose the category and colors
  • Test it on a device
  • Save the changes and continue
  • Create an account or log in if you have one
  • Work on the visual part
  • You may choose a trial period or pay for the options.
  • To finish it up, you need to add CMS and enter the website.

How to convert the website into an app?

Follow these steps to turn your site into an app:
  • Open app converter
  • Copy URL and enter it
  • Choose the colors and test the changes on a device
  • Create an account or log into the system
  • Choose the plan for the user
  • Enhance your app with additional features

Do I need to pay for the WordPress app?

No, you don’t need to pay for it. All you need is to download the WordPress app.

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