Excellent Examples of CTA Button

Excellent Examples of CTA Button

A large number of factors play a role in defining the success of a mobile application. A call to action (CTA) is considered as one of these factors. We meet such a call on almost every site; we just don't always realize it. Below we will tell you what it is important to do in order to create a productive CTA and represent 10 vivid examples.

CAT Characteristic

A call to action is usually considered as a useful pointer that informs the visitor about what is appropriate to do next. Without this information, the user does not know how to download a file, buy an application or any other product, subscribe to the newsletter, or order a service, and, most likely, leave the website after performing the necessary actions.
Thus, a strong, convincing call to action will increase the level of sales, the number of subscribers and will help to expand the circle of communication.

Basic Developing Techniques

Marketers use many methods to arrange CTA. Some of the most popular are provided in the below list:

  • Good design and color scheme. Colorful buttons that are contrary to the foremost color of the page are an excellent strategy to draw the attention of auditory;
  • High visibility. It's great when CTA is visible on the homepage. The font size should also be appropriate to attract visitors. The general size of a button and the provided text should be proportional while emphasizing the main purpose and illustrate uniqueness. A person usually pays attention to pictures rather than text. The use of arrows is permissible;
  • The obvious benefits. It is important to confirm the obvious benefits that the user will receive after the transaction: subscription, receiving a code for a bonus or discount, etc.;
  • Appropriate texts. CTA in an imperative manner is a clear and direct indication of what to do next;
  • Short in length. A phrase does not have to be long. It is better if it is a short word combination, proposal, or remark;
  • Correct arrangement of elements. It is recommended to locate the call in the most prominent places (for example, the upper right corner).

CAT Examples

In this review, we want to provide you with effective examples of arranging a call to action. Further review will be carried out based on the following applications:

  • Netflix;
  • Facebook;
  • Bigstock;
  • WWF;
  • Dollar Shave Club;
  • Pinterest;
  • CrazyEgg;
  • Campaign Monitor;
  • Huemore;
  • Trello.


The CTA text posted on Netflix's website is attractive and compelling enough. The client is offered a month of free viewing of various films and TV series and is also given the opportunity to use the service from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone), and the ability to cancel the subscription at any time when such a need arises.


CTA button is at the top of the page. It is quite noticeable and is used for various purposes. This is a great opportunity to sell a new product, a unique service, show videos to users, bring them into business, etc.
As the analysis shows, Facebook offers a wide range of CTA to provide an opportunity for different enterprises and companies to add the most appropriate button. The following examples may be found there: “Book now”, “Make an order”, “Call”, “Contact the experts”, “Send a message”, “Register”, “Get the price”, “Watch the video”, “Send an email”, “More details”, “To the store”, “Offers”, “Use the application”, “Play”, etc.


Bigstock is the best example of why it is important to pay attention to diverse CTAs, not just those that lead to instant conversions. Compared to many sites where you see the phrase “Search for images” in the search box, Bigstock's search box uses a different, more reassuring phrase, “Find the perfect image…”.
Having seen such a call to action, the visitor gains confidence that he can really find the perfect image on the platform, and his expectations will definitely be met. The last nuance is the ellipses at the end, which instill confidence that the images will be really found, and all you need to do is enter a name and start searching.


As it is known, WWF means World Wildlife Federation. On the site, you can find buttons such as “Accept” and “Donate”. They stand out clearly from the main black background due to their bright and contrasting colors. It looks quite appropriate.
Despite the fact that the buttons are designed in different shades of the same color, they are in no way mutually exclusive. Moreover, the experts intentionally did this so that visitors understand the importance of each action.

Dollar Shave Club

As it was already noted earlier, the size of the CTA button should fit perfectly into the visual concept since its main point is to encourage visitors to click. Thus, if it is too large, it will look somehow intrusive and unnatural. This is especially true when it comes to a mobile device. Seeing a huge button, the user will probably feel some kind of excessive pressure and leave the page.
The Dollar Shave Club site provides an excellent ratio of button, text, and image used. The balance of the design is completely preserved.


By visiting the main page of the service Pinterest, it is possible to see that several registration options are available. The user has the opportunity to register by specifying the e-mail address, log in via Google or Facebook. These buttons are located under the email address and look bright and attractive enough. They create a blue block that immediately grabs the attention of users thanks to the recognizable Google and Facebook logos. When a visitor chooses them, the service receives a lot more information compared to the data that can be obtained by email.


CrazyEgg has many admirers among internet marketers. The company has created a universal CTA “Show My Heatmap” that works for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, it demonstrates why cooperation with the company is absolutely safe and does not involve the slightest risk;
  • Secondly, the button is a great indicator of the use of the customer's voice.

Campaign Monitor

The specialists of the service Campaign Monitor placed the CTA button over the background video and gave it a bright color, so every site visitor sees it. In the corner of the page, you can find a live-chat icon, which allows the user to feel that help is nearby, and he can get it at any convenient time.


The landing page of the web design agency is quite thoughtful and original. The background is very beautiful and attracts the attention of visitors; it seems as if it was drawn by hand.
At first glance, it might seem that CTA is very simple, but users like it. "See our work" is a point that helps visitors find answers to their questions, see examples, and gain new knowledge. The hot pink button fully fulfills its assigned tasks.


By keeping the page uncluttered and using vibrant contrasting colors, Trello's experts ensure that visitors always pay attention to their CTA “Subscribe”.

Concluding Remarks

Thus, CTA can demand a call; fill in the form; place an order through the online store; come to an office or offline store; download a catalog or price list, register on the site, like, share on social networks, and so on.
If you want to receive calls, just write – “Call us”. Don't overcomplicate. But if your goal is to transfer a person to another page or induce him to download something, such a call is traditionally usually depicted as a button with text. What should this button be? Oddly enough, but first of all, it should look like a button. That is, the site visitor must clearly understand that this element can be clicked on. Of course, the button should stand out on the page, contrast with the background and other elements – but not to the extreme.
The shape of the button is most often a rectangle. It is easier to place text on it, and people are already used to thinking of it as a button. But the shape and color of the button are not as important as what is written on it. A person must clearly understand what will happen after clicking.
It should also be mentioned that research by ContentVerve experts, who are engaged in increasing conversions, has shown that visitors like it when the CTA is personalized. Seeing “my” on the button, a person subconsciously assigns it to herself. Therefore, “Create my account” gets more response than “Create your account”.
Put in a little effort, and you will reach your goal! But in case of difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the experts!

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