How to Optimize With the Best Benefit

How to Optimize With the Best Benefit

Optimization is very important in marketing your app. TUNE team is able to provide very powerful optimization assistance.

For example, if you pay only 10% for the optimization you will be ableto save up to half a million dollars a month on your ads. And if you optimize your revenue per install by 10%, you will be saving about 40 million dollars a year that could go for development, marketing, etc.

Smaller and big companies do not plan the same budgets and get the same revenue, of course. But for both saving some free money wouldn’t go amiss.

How to Optimize With the Best Benefit

Here are seven best ways to optimize every cent spent on ads:

1. Lookback Windows to be Monitored

As a rule, when you conclude a contract with your advertising agent you indicate the time period you agree to invest in installs.Installs that are beyond such windows can be checked.

Normally, there should not be installs beyond that window. To see the difference in your statistics and find your best optimization option it is advisable to test look back windows for different agents.

2. Multi-touch Attribution to be Evaluated

It is all about customers’ psychology. People are unlikely to install the app they see for the first time, until it is recommended by someone they trust. The app is more likely to be installed after user haw come across it several time, at least.

It will let you count the number of come-across’s before the app is installed. And, you should also remember to see which platform serve better for you.

3. Audience Look-alike to be Considered

Your perfect customer may be of any origins, engaged in an unexpected type of activity and living outside the city limits. And when you define your best user you will want to gain more of them.

Look-alike tool lets you customize your search based on the perfect customer type. The benefit of using this tool is double: you do not waste money and engage the most interested audience.

4. Postal Code Attribution to be Evaluated

Location attribution will help you find audience similar to the best one you have already gained. You can segment the smallest details about your target user at a regional level.

5. Audience Re-engagement

Statistics says that active gadget user have 5, on average, top apps they use daily, they would use about 20 other apps with certain gaps of time, and some of the apps installed on their gadget are never destined to be used. If you app is not in the top 5, you need to do your best to re-engage your potential user and make him want to open your app at least once in a while.

These can be notifications of new features, functions, products, etc. Remember to check your RIO report to see your spending and earnings. Its importance if growing with increase of your audience.

6. Different Attribution Models

You will benefit more if you use different attribution model for different types of advertisements. Reports provided y attribution tools are good for evaluation which model works best for which type of advertisement.

7. Primary and Minor Aspects to be Considered Equally

To achieve good result in the mobile arena you need to pay attention to both global and minor issues. You should always be aware of the things happening to your product. It is advisable to use reporting that contains information from ad agents, provides you with a details summary and lets you examine it on a per-partner level. Thus, you will be able to evaluate things adequately and take right decisions.

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