App Marketing – Effective Plan

Building your new product do not forget about marketing. Some marketers make a huge mistake considering marketing to be a waste of time. Creating an efficient and simple marketing plan is not a time-consuming task. There is no need to make extensive plan – a basic one is more than enough. Ask yourself several questions that aim to help you with App Marketing Plan. Before you start working, write down your answers and regularly return to this list for all updates arising.

1. Who is my target client?

You must clearly understand what type of people you aim to reach. Find out what they read, what sites they visit. Get inside people’s heads.

2. Can you describe the best app?

In your category there are lots of good apps. Try to describe them in details. Can they be improved? You can learn from your competitors.

3. What assets can be used for app promotion?

Being around in the industry helps a lot. You must know some people who can co-work with you. This can be your bright opportunity. Or maybe you have a good budget for your new app promotion.

4. What is your financial strategy?

Pricing plan should be thought carefully. The price of your future app should be profitable. Your app must be priced correctly. Find out how much your target clients will be able to pay for it.

5. Who will be responsible for app marketing?

You must create a unique app description, icon, title, keywords and screenshots. If you are not a talented writer – hire one.

6. How will clients find out about your app?

Write down proper reviews and consider SEO optimization.

7. How can you build strong relations with clients?

Keeping interaction with old and potential clients is the key to success. Get socialized on forums and social networks.