Whose attribution data are true: Apple’s or TUNE’s?

One of the features of being a mobile application developer is that you will always want to optimize your product. To know the statistics of downloads and see the weaknesses of your app you will choose attribution tools, such as TUNE. However, if you compare these data with the metrics of Apple you will notice they are never same.

Reasons of such difference

According to Todd Teresi, Apple Vice President, reasons in the data difference are the following:

1. Increasing amount of user who prefer being private. Over 15% of app users, in search of internet privacy, started using Limited Ad Tracking technology developed by Apple. Why are users so concerned about it? Everybody knows about the threat of having even your phone checked by such programs, this is why more and more people prefer playing anonymously. What does this Apple’s technology do with the information delivered to app developer or attribution partner? It simply hides the number from KPIs.

2. Certain percentage of Apple users are re-downloads. What does it mean? This is when a person installs an application on his device, the, for this or that reason the app is no longer needed and the person deletes it. However, in some time, there is again a need of installing this app.

In some cases they call it re-evaluation of application. In other, the procedure of delete and install is unavoidable if you want to safe storage on your mobile device. There is another case which means the use of a dating application.

What is the connection?

Say, you are someone who decided to look for your soul mate through a dating app. You install the software, create profile and start searching. Once you have met someone you wish to prove your serious intentions and leave the search base of the program and remove the app from your gadget.

When nothing works out a couple of months later, you decide to continue your search and return to the same dating app by re-installing it. Attribution tool is rather smart. The removal is not registered with the tool if there is re-installation.

3. Gap between installation and first launch. It may take some time, from a couple of days to even months, before the attribution tool registers actual installation of the app.

As a conclusion, app developers should be ready for almost a double difference between Apple’s data and TUNE’s.

Apple’s Vice President also noted there is a plan to cooperate with TUNE for providing app developers with a clearer picture of various drop-offs and differences.