8 Methods to Increase the Number of Downloads

8 Methods to Increase the Number of Downloads

Your app’s success is measured by the number of downloads. It indicates directly or indirectly the conversion into money. Proper management of downloads’ numbers might lead to a higher ranking on the application store. Here we offer a fantastic way to master the downloads’ number and improve the entire process.

1. ASO is key.

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. If you understand its basics, you will have success. You might compare ASO to the SEO of websites. However, there are several methods to master the search rankings online. According to statistics, 48% of users find new applications when they browse in the application stores. To be more precise, the user seeks particular things and gets certain apps in search results. Note that there are various ASO strategies for iOS and Android applications.

2. Give it the correct name.

It is vital to name your application appropriately. Focus on the way you want to name your application during the development phase. However, the guidelines to do it might be different. For instance, if you place the app on Google Play Store, make sure its name is under 50 characters. If it is Apple App Store, the name must be shorter than 30 characters. However, the policy of Google Play Store is rather strict. If you utilize relevant and repetitive keywords to master your ASO, your app might even be removed from the list.

3. Keywords & App description.

To help your customers find your application fast, you might include relevant keywords to your title. When you compose the application description, ensure there are the right keywords. The first thing the customers might see is the initial few lines, so they must be written correctly. You might view the complete description only if you click to expand it. In Apple App Store, the description is limited to 170 characters.

4. Pay your attention to the icon’s design.

The design of your icon must be well-done for users to select it among a variety of others. You might take the process of inventing it seriously as a necessary part of an efficient branding strategy. Ensure your icon is visible against both light and dark backgrounds. Create a unique icon like no other on the market for the users not to be confused.

5. In-app purchases.

You should clearly convey the in-app purchases nature you are implementing in your application because there are several ways to do it. Buying items are indicated with consumable purchases. The application’s user experience is enhanced with non-consumable purchases. There are non-renewable subscriptions that you can buy for a fixed time period and auto-renewing subscriptions that are billed by customers on an annual basis.

6. Exemplary screenshots.

Use high-quality screenshots to draw the attention of users. They should be both functional and look great. Note that your consumers might not see all the screenshots in one go and scroll them. Meaning, the initial few screenshots must be the best ones. So convey there the essential data about your application.

7. Review & User ratings.

The number of downloads boosts proportionally to several high ratings and positive reviews. To get excellent ratings, give an incredible user experience, then. The ideal application should be free of bugs, not crash often, and function smoothly. You might ask your users to rate your application to get more ratings. You might send push notifications periodically to rate it. Get ready for some reviews to be negative. However, if most users agree on certain things, it is time to fix your app. If you do it, many of the prospective users might download it faster.

8. Add a demo video.

The results of doing it might surprise you. It might boost your download rates by 25%. In other words, the video viewers would be three times more likely to download your application if compared to other users. Make sure the video is crisp and short, adding enough features. You should not rely on the audio as well because most of the users would switch it off. Finish the video with a clear and concise call-to-action, motivating them to download the application.

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