How To Persuade Users To Download Your App

How do you use your knowledge of psychology while promoting your application? I can assure you, that such knowledge can help you to make your app much more popular and world famous.

Read the article carefully to find out how to make your app more popular. Let us go through main 6 principles of Internet promotion. These principles can be used in your screenshots to persuade users to download your app.

1. Mutual benefit. All human beings have a tendency to pay back their debts, in other words, to treat others as they treat them. If you provide your users with some gifts, discount etc. they will be more interested in using your app.

2. Consistency. The main idea consist in the fact that you have to pull users into the application and regularly increase their commitment level with the app.

3. Social Proof. We all know that people always use other user’s opinion to create their own about some application. You must always remember that opinions and reviews from your users influence a lot on your application’s popularity.

4. Liking. It is also very important for your app to be well liked. The interest of other users showed in their “likes” will make your app a lot more recognizable.

5. Shortage. This principle can be a little obvious for you, but perceived shortage will generate demand. As an example, making offers available for only a “limited time only” often increases sales.

6. Authority. People always feel a sense of duty or obligation to other people who obtain positions of authority. That is why advertisers have to use famous spokespersons to make their product look more authoritative. The same rule is about promoting applications.